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Plant World

At ‘Plant World’ we offer you the possibility to choose from a thousand different plants from first-class growers from several countries and order directly from the greenhouse in our new webshop. Van der Plas delivers within 48 hours within Europe.

“Van der Plas” is known for, among other things, its extensive stock of fresh plants. They purchase daily at the auction and from growers. With a wide range and an ample supply of exclusive plants, they offer enough to enable you to surprise your customers. Stock can be ordered through the web-shop and delivery made the following day.

There is often additional demand and recurring demand in our plant assortment. To respond to this demand, “Van der Plas” has decided to start “Plant World”. Through “Plant World” you have the opportunity to order directly from the greenhouse from several top plant growers.

“Plant World” offers a wide range of choices with thousands of different plant varieties available. Well known and successful products such as the Phalaenopsis from grower “Ter Laak”, as well as exclusive products such as the potted lily’s from nursery “van Schie” and several perennials from grower “Woudenberg” are available.

Plenty of seasonal items such as garden shrubs and perennials are also on “Plant World”. Even for plants with added value such as planted pots with special order or special Orchid creations, you can visit “Plant World”.

Plants are specially selected for you by growers in perfect stage and delivered within 24 hours to florists and garden centres in most of Europe. The growers of “Plant World” are spread across Europe. The ordered plants make the shortest possible route from the grower to you, as fast as possible.

Due to the strong partnership with the growers, we can offer you first hand the newest products and concepts at “Van der Plas”. This strong relationship with growers also gives us the opportunity to provide long term price agreements so you can re-order successful products in your store with confidence.

Another unique advantage is that the plants can be ordered per tray or even plant. Ordering larger quantities is also possible.

When you buy flowers, plants, sundries or other accessories we will deliver them to your doorstep in one shipment so you will be able to keep your logistics costs down.

Ordering in our web-shop is easy, but we also highly value personal contact with you. So for each customer we have a dedicated contact person whom you can ask questions in your own language. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about “Plant World” or about Van der Plas in general.

Checkout Plant World supply in our webshop


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